07.JULI 2020

18:30 - 21:30 Uhr


Early Bird (bis zum 31.3.2020)





Kloster Saarn

Mülheim an der Ruhr

Bryan teaches in English.
Beginners are welcome

Long, Slow & Deep (LSD)

This classic class created by Bryan Kest is composed of long holds for a deep, yin-style experience. A slower-paced flow, the challenge of Long, Slow & Deep is primarily mental. Students are presented with the opportunity to deepen classic poses, focus on the breath, and find patience. 

The Long, Slow and Deep class has at the very least a few ostensible objectives.  The first is, I wanted to give people a deep and potent alternative to the myriad of Vinyasa and flowing Hatha yoga classes.  I wanted people to know that they have a choice.  There have been so many days in my life when I just didn’t want to do a salutation or a lunge series or even to be that physically active.  Yet, I still had the time and ability to practice as well as the desire for all the pleasing benefits of yoga.  I still wanted to maintain my practice.  I wanted people to see how utterly potent this kind of practice can be even without focusing on strength, endurance or even acquiring much heat.  I also wanted people to experience the benefits of holding poses a little longer, giving these massive areas (hamstrings, groin, hips, shoulders, etc.) more time to release deeper. 


This truly is an amazing routine.  It’s a paradox.  It is by far the most difficult class I teach, yet you don’t really get off your butt the whole class.  The challenge here is mostly mental.  You are probably going to want to run away from this one, especially in the beginning.  Hang in there, be patient and keep breathing, deeply and fluidly.  So, dim the lights, warm up the room and enjoy (at least how it leaves you feeling).

Born in 1964, Bryan Kest has been practicing yoga since 1979, starting when he was 14 years old.
He initially studied in Hawaii with David Williams, the first person to bring Ashtanga yoga to America. He then studied in India with K. Pattabhi Jois, the main proponent of Ashtanga yoga.

Bryan Kest has been teaching yoga since 1985. “My primary objective”, says Kest, “besides turning more and more people on to a healthier, more peaceful lifestyle that continually challenges them to grow, is to teach a system of exercise that fully integrates the body, mind, and spirit.

The new trend towards yoga is not surprising, given that the body is limited and the mind is limitless. The combination of body and mind creates an incredibly broad range of fulfillment, including top physical condition and a calm, peaceful, clear mind.”

I’ve been practicing yoga since 1979. I started in Hawaii that year with David Williams and Brad Ramsey in the 2nd ashtanga yoga class in the world outside of India. The 1st ashtanga class was another class David Williams started in Encinitas, CA that he disbanded to move to Hawaii (Maui) where I was living and attending his and Brad’s class. This was a great intro to yoga. It seems like the flower children of the 60’s had opened some spiritual doors for western culture and David & Brad and all the people we were hanging out with (all at least 15 years my senior) were all looking to explore the yoga a little deeper. We were all experimenting with something very new.

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